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A note about Lotus part numbers

The numbers have a standard format :

<revision letter><model number><part number><supply route>

  • <revision letter> indicates which version of the part was used. Later revisions should be OK to replace earlier, but not vice-versa.

  • <model number> is the Lotus model number for the first car to use the part

  • <part number> is the actual part number itself and usually starts with a letter which indicates where on the original model it could be found.

  • <supply route> is the final letter and is an internal Lotus code to identify how they obtained the part. It is usually safe to leave this last letter off.

So - something like A036C6007Z (the number for the top balljoint on many models) is a revision A part, first used on the type 036 Elan, with part number C6007 and provided to Lotus by supply route "Z".